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Ultima Cannes Scheduled Its Opening Next Spring 2022


he so chic Ultima Collection owns and curates ultra-luxury homes in exclusively top locations — where properties are scarce, and the world's most sophisticated clients want to come and stay. Since 2016, the group has been remarked by a fast speed of growth and evolution, opening properties and hotels in the most elegant destinations in Europe.

Last June, Ultima Collection brought to light the opening of their next property on the French Riviera. Cannes is the perfect city to set up the new jewel of the collection after Crans-Montana, Courchevel, Gstaad, Megève, Geneva, and Corfu. After picking the most stunning and glamourous high-mountain towns, a second destination over the Mediterranean Sea was needed.

It’s a very legendary and understated place that Ultima Collection elected to open their new property, on the island of Sainte-Marguerite facing the city of Cannes, whose story started hundreds of years ago. It is a secluded place of 14.000sqm, loaded with powerful cultural history since this property was owned by elites, passing by Louis XIV to Henri I and Napoleon. Indeed, you will have to cross the crystal-clear water by boat or fly by helicopter to land at this fabulous, isolated place. 

Ultima Cannes Le Grand Jardin will be available for exclusive stays only, much like other properties, except for their hotel, Ultima Gstaad, and the ski resort, Ultima Courchevel Belvédère. This brand-new property is undoubtedly one of the most exclusive ones in the South of France. 

To design their properties, Ultima Collection thoughtfully creates them in-house, with sustainable materials, including rock flooring, white and grey marble, and neutral beige and teakwood floors, handpicking the interiors and artworks, constantly evolving as the seasons pass by. Its clean-lined architecture is synonymous with the South of France, but the property’s significance runs much deeper than that. The medieval history of the property will impress your friends and family that you can host to share an exquisite moment during a dinner near the idyllic pool dotted with water lilies.


Ultima Cannes Le Grand Jardin has partly been a renovation project due to the island’s rich history. “We knew we had a responsibility to preserve these historical elements while also bringing the property forward with our signature design and interiors, which can be seen across the Collection,” said Louise Bonner, the Group Marketing Manager.

Ultima Cannes will have two cottages, a tower house, a main, and a guest house guarded by the old fortress. Eleven bedrooms and two connected rooms will be split into four buildings in the three-and-a-half-acres property. Guests may experience lovely walks in a lush garden as well as on the island. Of course, wellness is also at the heart of this incredible stay, so a Spa will be available with an outdoor swimming pool, hammam, and sauna that goes along with three treatments rooms and a hairdresser. Ultima Collection partners with Swiss Perfection for all its wellness products. Next, visitors will also appreciate the plantation garden to savor a very fresh and local harvest. You will also love the library space to take a moment for yourself and have a peaceful time. Then, for the wine connoisseur, a beautiful cellar will be at your disposal.

Moreover, according to Ultima Collection tailored approach, guests will decide how many staff members they would like during their stay. They may wish to have a whole concierge team on-site, a personal chef, a fitness therapist, and a masseuse. Or even stick to the caretakers with just their staff that they have brought from home. It’s all possible. Ultima Collection has signature services that are offered across all the properties. These include luxury concierge, private Chef, service staff, daily housekeeping, chauffeur, massage therapists, personal fitness coach & physiotherapist.

Additionally, the group is following a pledge to sustainable living as they work with locally based suppliers. The farm-to-plate dining further supports this, as many guests will enjoy fresh ingredients plucked from their very own garden. They have also committed to planting a tree for each night a guest stays within the property and are about to announce marine conservation projects for those staying in the waterfront properties.

Finally, Ultima Collection will unveil the official Chef of Ultima Cannes Le Grand Jardin closer to the opening. Indeed, on top of the farm-to-plate dining, they will provide whatever cuisine guests choose to have due to the utterly personalized offering across the Ultima Collection. Be it a family celebration or a romantic, candle-lit meal next to the lily pad pool. 


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