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Tom Claeren x Rebellion: A Journey in the UAE


or a period of four weeks, Tom Claeren flew to the Middle East with Rebellion to live an entire high-luxury visit to the UAE throughout the multiple luxury hotels of 5-star chain, The Ritz-Carlton, experiencing the UAE’s landscape diversity first hand while touring the country from one point to the other: Three emirates, four different hotels and a singular experience in each one of them. This was Tom Claeren’s 4-week journey in the UAE with The Ritz-Carlton and Rebellion.

WEEK 1| The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai – Where The Journey Begins

To see where Tom Claeren’s journey in Dubai begins, we need to head to the famous Walk at JBR, where the Mediterranean meets the Persian Gulf in a luxury resort facing the sea’s splendors and a wealth of culinary experiences to delight. Soothing promenades by the beach shores, endless hours of peace, sun, refreshing coconut water, dreamy balcony breakfasts at dawn with exclusive views to the sea, and various facilities were crucial for recharging his energies for the upcoming adventures.

As part of his first week, Tom experienced a glimpse of life in the city,  the sea and the desert at its highest, accompanied at all times by his Rebellion watches to keep track of time.

His first experience in the hotel began with Tom and his unbeatable Rebellion ‘RE1-2.0’ in a day of jet-ski by JBR’s shore surrounded by the city’s mesmerizing landscape.

If Dubai is known for one thing, that’s its wide range of luxurious cars riding through the city’s streets. An endless list could be made by Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Aston Martins, etc. That’s why Tom couldn’t experience the city lifestyle without experiencing their striking carriages. Discovering the city in a Lamborghini is a true definition of living the entire Dubai experience.

To close the first week, Tom experienced a first bit of the desert with an exclusive trip to a desert near Dubai, where adventure was present at all times. Boogies, quads, wild and sandy landscapes, and Rebellion’s ‘Predator Chrono’ highlighted Tom’s first contact with the UAE’s desert. 

WEEK 2| The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai International Financial Centre – A Unique Sight Of The Burj Khalifa To Remember

Tom stepped into the city lifestyle by lodging into The Ritz-Carlton’s luxury hotel in Dubai’s International Financial Centre from the beach’s calming scenario. In one of the best localizations in town, surrounded by the sultriest offers of restaurants, variety of nightlife, and with the most impressive views of Dubai’s skyscraper skyline, Tom Claeren got to experience the best of both worlds: Dubai’s city enchants and Ritz-Carlton DIFC’s five-star amenities.

During this week, like any other visitor to the city, Tom had to experience seeing the world’s tallest building: the Burj Khalifa, but not just like any other tourist. In this case, Tom got the chance to experience Dubai’s mesmerizing city’s skyscraper landscape with its iconic building standing out by the Index Tower’s rooftop with Dubai at its feet. An exclusive way of visiting the striking Burj Khalifa.

WEEK 3|The Ritz-Carlton, Ras Al Khaimah – Life In The Desert: Air Balloons, Boogies and a Break from the City

The fundamental insight of the authentic Middle Eastern origins is found in the desert. On this third week, Tom decided to live the country’s roots by diving into the Al Wadi desert and staying at The Ritz-Carlton’s resort in Al Wadi’s desert. 

Situated at the north of Dubai in another different Emirate, Al Wadi desert’s resort invites guests to connect with the fundamental nature and culture of the country amid the beauty of a protected preserve. Luxury villas inspired by Bedouin architecture, private outdoor pools, and breathtaking views make this the most unbelievable desert experience of them all, not to mention the exciting adventures that come with it. 

Exciting and unique boogie and camel rides in the dunes, exquisite lunches with delightful cuisines from around the world, private archery lessons, dreamy balloon rides at dawn, and stargazing evening dinners with bonfires in the middle of the desert was part of Tom’s adventurous week in Ras al Khaimah’s desert, where he got to live the life of the desert in all its luxurious splendor. 

WEEK 4| The Ritz-Carlton, Abu Dhabi – Concluding the Journey in the Capital City

There’s never a complete trip to the UAE if you don’t visit the UAE’s capital city: Abu Dhabi. To conclude his journey through the UAE, Tom drove to the South-East of the UAE to visit the island of Abu Dhabi.

Hosted at The Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi, Grand Canal, Tom got to experience in just one place the best of the city and the 5-star hotel: the stunning sunrises over Al Maqta Creek and the mesmerizing sunsets illuminating the iconic Sheikh Zayed’s Grand Mosque while delighting into the delectable dishes of local and international cuisines of the hotel’s fine restaurant offer.   

As part of anyone’s trip to Abu Dhabi, Tom visited the iconic monument of the building to get a glimpse of Islamic culture at Sheikh Zayed’s Grand Mosque and wrap up his journey in the UAE.

Just a few minutes away from the hotel’s accommodation, this iconic landmark filled with astonishing architectural wonders lies in the heart of the city, bringing different people from various cultures around the world together in one place. For this visit, Tom experienced an insight into the mosque’s history and culture with Rebellion’s ‘Predator 2.0’ timepiece.

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