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The Future Of Yachting With VITA POWER


ummer 21 has been full of discoveries. Tom Claeren, always seeking new luxury toys, found the top-level electric yacht brand currently available on the market. VITA YACHTS is a British-born start-up that begun its activity in 2017 to produce the first all-electric boat inspired by a classy and traditional design. Their baseline is "Inspired by Tradition, Powered by Electricity." Since then, they have developed two brand extensions called VITA Power, which offers a unique propulsion solution for other shipyards interested in clean electrical constructions, and VITA Superpower for charging stations.

Today, VITA YACHTS’ mission is to reduce the impact of boating on the marine environment by developing an all-electric and integrated ecosystem of marine superchargers, high-performance electric powertrains, and fully electric yachts.

Indeed, stricken by the level of CO2 gas emission of a classical integrated combustion engine boat of 10 meters, with 480 liters of diesel in its tank, generating approximately 1290kg of CO2 on a typical day out, is comparable to the CO2 emission rate of an ICE car over three months. It was essential to start building a better version of luxury yachts.

That’s why VITA Yachts started to design their first electric boat, VITA IV launched in 2018, followed by VITA X in 2019, and then the VITA Lion launched earlier this year.

Tom Claeren had the chance to experience a day onboard the very last creation of VITA YACHTS on the French Riviera coastlines. He had an excellent glimpse of this 10,5-meter-boat with a cruising speed of 25 knots with an exquisite design and clean lines. The Lion is the most potent electric powerboat on the market, all-electric with a V4 propulsion system from VITA Power. The VITA Lion is the only electric boat with supercharging capability, in only 40 minutes DC charge time, allowing you to recharge while having a drink or a lunch at the beach. As Tom Claeren is always attracted by great sensation and speed, he could not resist testing the maximum speed of this powerful boat, going to 35 knots at its top speed.

In addition, this boat has been designed to be very practical and spacious, leaving enough room to bask in the rear sunbath while admiring the sunset over Monaco. 

In conclusion, the VITA LION is your perfect ally for a getaway along the coastlines of the French Riviera with your friends or family. You’ll have a pleasant time at sea, peaceful, with zero CO2 emissions, no noise nuisance to the fauna and flora but also your own comfort and obviously without any hint of gasoline.
Moreover, you will easily find a charging dock as VITA Power equipped the French Riviera with three charging points in Monaco, Cannes, and St. Tropez. You can leave at sea onboard the VITA Lion in complete serenity.

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