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Pic Nic Chic Experience at the Charming Château Rasque in the heart of Provence

“Château Rasque is all about sharing, passion, and love.”


deally located in the South-of-France in the charming village of Taradeau in Provence, Château Rasque is a peaceful haven where you will feel the deep passion of the Biancone family. The story started in the early 80's when the owners Gérard and Monique Biancone, decided to purchase land to create their own Domaine. They began to plant 15ha of vines on calcareous clay soil, which gives the Domaine Rasque all its strength. They have grown their vineyard and raised their five children simultaneously, with whom they shared their passion from an early age and the pleasure of celebrating a good harvest.

Château Rasque is all about sharing, passion, and love.

Later in 1992, Château Rasque caught the opportunity to build an aging cellar. They call it the “lightning’s hall” created underground by the association of the Companions of Duty to preserve and aged their red wine under optimal conditions at temperatures not exceeding 17 degrees Celsius. This sumptuous room will make you travel to a former era, as it really gives the impression that it was there since ever. Besides, it is the perfect place in the Château to welcome visitors and organize a wine tasting. Everything in this cellar is absolutely spectacular and out of time.

After some years, the couple decided to expand their winery. While walking at the foot of the majestic Sainte-Victoire Mountain, they fell in love with a new property of 12ha named Le Clos Jasmin, where they mainly produce red wines.

In 2003, they also bought a vast field of 30ha, L’Hermitage de Saint Pons in Figanières, producing 80% of rosé wine.

Today, the future of Château Rasque is ensured by Sophie and Enzo, two of the founders’ children.

But what is essential to know is that Château Rasque offers many possibilities to rejuvenate and recharge your batteries. Indeed, four pretty guest rooms in an elegant and romantic atmosphere are available to welcome four people each. Moreover, guests can enjoy a wide range of services at the Bastide, inviting them to a total change of scenery in an authentic atmosphere, where comfort and well-being are keywords.

Visitors can start the day with a brunch in-room served or at the breakfast lounge. For sports lovers, they can follow their day enjoying a private or a joint coach session in the gorgeous garden by the pool, with a stunning view of the mountains around, or choosing to rest under the olive trees. Concerning wellness, people can enjoy massages and treatments to eliminate physical and mental tensions and reconnect with themself. There are also in the Domaine two heated swimming pools dedicated to the visitors staying at the Bastide, and the second one, much bigger in the garden, dedicated to events.

Besides, you can organize a wide range of events in this lovely place, such as anniversaries, weddings and even get married at the tiny church built next to the garden in a very intimate way.

One of the most iconic events in the Château is the Pic Nic Chic, where people can enjoy a visit of the whole property from the distillery to the lake and the vineyards passing by a wine tasting of all their wine categories for the most adventurous ones. As a catering, Château Rasque collaborates with local chefs who cultivate their harvest to offer seasonal and zero-kilometer menus offering the best quality service to the guests and make them discover local flavors.

Everything is gathered to make you escape into Provence.

Moreover, in Château Rasque, the Biancone family, very close and committed to the environment and animals, adopted four horses to make them live their best retired. They are also raising ducks. A room is dedicated to hatching eggs, including baby ducks, and they are letting them swim on the lake when they are big enough. Furthermore, if you walk in the vineyards late in the evening, don’t be surprised to meet wild boars, foxes, rabbits, and deers passing by Château Rasque. Life in the countryside is always relaxing and peaceful for all living beings. So do not hesitate and book your enchanting parentheses in this hidden place.

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