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Opening of Nano Trattoria St-Tropez


ummer 21 promises to be full of discoveries. The famous chef Jeremy Viale, World Champion of Pizza in 2019, is heading to the French Riviera to launch his brand-new restaurant Nano Trattoria in the heart of St-Tropez. The official opening is planned for the 1st of July 2021. Not to miss!

Going back to his background, Jeremy Viale started his career as a cooker in 2016. He first opened a pizza truck around his place, going from location to location. This took on a considerable scale, as the number of customers was constantly increasing, so he opened his first restaurant, COTE PIZZA, offering only meals to go. But again, people were asking more. As a result, Jeremy inaugurated his first restaurant open to guests, with twenty seats available at CASA VIALE, managed by his sister.

Moving forward step by step and thoughtfully, and after winning national, European, and world championship competitions of Pizza, Jeremy Viale, associated with Frederic Desmurs, now owns three Nano Restaurants located in Megève, Vaise, and St-Tropez.

His various titles confirm his position as a master in the art of making high-end pizzas with extraordinary creativity and originality. Indeed, since his youngest age, Jeremy has been passionate about the art of cooking, and it was natural for him to come out in the pizza world. He gives this traditional Italian meal a new dimension, competing with gourmet cuisine.

Furthermore, Jeremy told me that to stay creative, he draws inspiration from the pastry as details and creativity are keywords in this discipline. Very demanding, hard worker, lover of the challenges, Jeremy did not hesitate when I asked him if he would like to renew the experience of participating in cooking contests. “Of course, we must not rest on our laurels and always move forward to continuously question ourselve

Then, looking at the new summer place Nano in St-Tropez, Jeremy Viale confesses that an essential point for them is to deliver a high-quality standard to the clients and maintain a high level of taste experience in every Nano restaurant.
St-Tropez is a key destination when summer is coming. It enables Nano to reach an international clientele and is a strategic choice regarding its global growth. In this regard, the chef prepared two new pizza recipes to satisfy his clients’ expectations. One is based on salmon and caviar, and the second one is 100% truffle-based, something to please food lovers and culinary experts.

Jeremy Viale will pass the summer season between Lyon and St-Tropez and will be glad to welcome you to this newborn place, NANO TRATTORIA ST-TROPEZ.  When we closed our culinary discussion, I asked Jeremy a tip to always succeed in making a delicious pizza: “Put a lot of love in what you are doing; the result will be fabulous.” 

Not to miss:

Nano Trattoria Opening in St-Tropez, July 1st 2021, 

Place de l’Hôtel de Ville, 

83990 Saint-Tropez

Booking info: 04 94 81 52 60


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