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NIANCE Switzerland: deeper than beauty


IANCE is a premium anti-aging skincare line from Switzerland, developed and marketed by Swiss Mountain Cosmetics GmBh. The story of NIANCE began in 2007, when Dr. Rainer Schmidt, founder of Swiss Mountain Cosmetics GmbH., had an idea to create unique cosmetics combining powerful active agents and rare Alpine plants with leading Swiss clinical research. NIANCE has created a premium solution that truly embodies a level of excellence and superior quality in the realm of skin rejuvenation and excellent purification. Behind every product lies a wealth of scientific research and knowledge.

“Short-lived trends or products with only one active agent – both have little appeal to the researchers at NIANCE. Your skin demands effective care on every level. And so we have developed a unique concept never before seen anywhere else in the world – NIANCE® Multi-Anti-Aging!”

– Dr. R. W. Schmidt, founder of NIANCE

How to fight the aging process?

Aging is the inhibition of metabolic processes in skin cells, which ensure the normal functioning of cells at a young age. Aging takes place primarily at the intracellular level, and external symptoms are just a consequence.

The latest research findings in dermatology showed that the skin demands effective care on each of its three main levels: epidermis, dermis, and subcutis.

The rejuvenation is long-term and effective if the aging process is treated at the dermis level (inside) – to activate the metabolic processes in the skin cells – and not at the epidermis level (only externally).

Thus scientists in NIANCE laboratories created a multi-anti-aging skincare line that provides immediate lifting and long-lasting effects. The multiple active agents act simultaneously on all three skin layers, each of which performs a variety of important functions.

For example, the complexes of minerals, vitamins, and peptides protect against free radicals, enforce collagen production, smooth the skin surface, improve blood circulation and renew skin cells.

The core of NIANCE formulas is the Swiss Glacier Complex, a blend of extracts of Edelweiss, plants, vitamins, minerals, and glacier water from pristine areas of the Swiss Alps.

The plants used in the Swiss Glacier Complex are organically cultivated in an ecologically certified cultivation in the Alps and grow at altitudes between 1.000 and 1.500 meters. Inspectors from the independent BIO SUISSE organization regularly control the crops, and the whole cultivation is certified by ECOCERT.

Alpine glacier water is rich in essential minerals easily absorbed by the skin and has excellent revitalizing, anti-oxidative and anti-aging properties.

NIANCE uses crystal clear glacier water from the Swiss Alps

NIANCE products do not contain harmful ingredients such as PEGs, allergens, GMOs or paraffines, and are not tested on animals. The brand offers nine products for the Women line, four products for the Men line, and a special body care set.

The NIANCE Women’s line consists of a range of high-performance tailored products from normal to high-reparation power. There are also three ultimate concentrated premium products for extremely high-needs skin which add maximum anti-aging boost.

NIANCE Women line

Edelweiss (Leontopodium Alpinum) is one of the few protected plant species in Switzerland. Tourists and botanists highly value the flower since it is a rarity to find among the high peaks of the Alps.

It is a symbol of protection, purity, and immortality.

In order to survive in extreme conditions, Edelweiss developed a variety of protective mechanisms that made it an anti-oxidant twice as powerful as the best-known anti-oxidant agent, vitamin C.

An organic extract is obtained from the blossoms or the whole plant of the Alpine Edelweiss, which is manually picked up in the Swiss mountains. The extract is essential for the skin: it provides a protective, soothing, and anti-inflammatory effect. It also inhibits the activity of the hyaluronidase – a ferment that degrades hyaluronic acid in the skin. Finally, Edelweiss has antiseptic, antifungal, and antibacterial properties.

Edelweiss flower on the peak of the Alps

NIANCE Men’s range is developed especially for masculine skin. The innovation lies in the introduction of anti-aging power, which has long been the exclusive domain of women’s products.

Each product combines highly effective natural substances like the purest glacier water from the Swiss Alps, with ultra-modern active agents from biotechnological research.

NIANCE Men line

Being a niche brand, NIANCE is distributed only in high-end outlets and supplies the best 5-star SPAs of the most luxurious hotels in the world.








NIANCE treatments for couples

For the most gorgeous and demanding SPAs, NIANCE designers create a customized interior of the treatment rooms, where everything is conceived at the highest level of luxury and carefully branded: black and white colors, golden décor, leather coating, elegant Chinese bowls, NIANCE branded clothing, cotton towels, and water glasses, and even dried rare Edelweiss flowers of the Alps are delivered to the treatment room. 

This interior surrounds guests with genuine Swiss luxury, making them live an unforgettable wellness experience.

Take the quiz online to understand your skin better and discover your tailored beauty routine with NIANCE:


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