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Mach & Mach: The brand that is blowing our mind


olange Knowles, Katy Perry, Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Megan Fox are just some of the celebrities who have fallen in love with the brand more coveted of the moment: MACH & MACH. The idea behind their creations is to give the past a different twist, a base for painting new paths, and set up a fashion business that conveys a message of positivity and union. A global girls-sisterhood that stands for absolute strength, believing that women often forget the power they have. Nina and Gvantsa Macharashvili are the duo from Tbilisi behind Mach & Mach. The Georgian sisters, both profoundly passionate for fashion since they were children, launched in 2012 their fashion line covering sunglasses, handbags, shoes, and ready-to-wear collections. A total look conceived by women for women, a concept rather than a mere fashion brand inspired by almost everything because, as they say, everything is connected: music, art, design, technology, movies, people, nature, the whole world, everything is connected, and everything is connected to them.

What about their style?

They define their aesthetic as bright, futuristic and pop. Each collection is characterized by Georgian style combined with traditional craftsmanship. The love of the Georgian sisters for lustrous silks and glitter is reproduced in craft crystal-swathed fashion fantasy pieces, with futuristic-cool edges, slinky satin minis, and seductively-cut maxis with diamond details, constantly enriched with some sleek tailored addition.
Not only ready-to-wear collections but also all the accessories like sunglasses, handbags, and shoes are designed by Nina and Gvantsa; then, they partner with local suppliers and artisans to produce them.
In leather, silk, or glittering, all MACH & MACH bite-sized shoulder bags are appealing and feminine, embellished with diamond bows and flowers.

The brand’s growth was speedy, but thanks to the collection “Girls Democracy” launched in AW 2017/18, MACH & MACH started to gain great visibility. That was the most representative collection of feminist slogans and the most loved one, influenced by the ’90s pop culture and referenced to sci-fi movies, such as The Matrix, The Fifth Element, and the iconic Blade Runner.

From that moment on, the brand personality became strongly recognizable through the use of vibrant colors, punkish leather, diamante and PVC. Each piece is glittering, shine-heavy, a mix of fun and glamour. From sparkling embellished jersey dresses to men’s jackets, from ultra-shiny metallic pants to tulle mini-dresses, each creation is completed with unique accessories, best-sellers of every Mach & Mach collection.

In 2020, with the fall footwear debut at the Paris Fashion Week, the brand shot to international fame. Their “Cinderella shoes,” pumps adorned with diamante, diamond bows, or flowers, in leather or PVC, declined in several colors, became the must-have for fashion-addicted women.
Indeed, the collection brought shine and sparkle in the sad and grey days of whole pandemic life and awakened women’s desire to dress up like a princess and show off their power!

Now that we have understood that we need a piece from MACH & MACH, where can we buy it?
Unfortunately, they don’t have a website, but they are very active on social media to be always visible and updated. Thus, you can find all information you need on their Instagram page @machandmach, like the list of the retailers carrying the brand:
@harrods @theofficialselfridges @nordstrom @nordstromcanada @lanecrawford @tsum_moscow @ounass @levelshoes @luisaviaroma @modaoperandi and more.
You don’t have an excuse to wait any longer; It’s time to make you a gift! 


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