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Laura Gallon Unveiled the Zodiac-Inspired Astral Collection at JCK Las Vegas


ewelry enthusiasts and astrology lovers eagerly anticipate the launch of Laura Gallon's latest masterpiece, the Astral Collection. This celestial-themed jewelry line takes inspiration from the ruling planets of the astrological signs, shedding light on the lesser-known but profoundly influential aspects of the Zodiac.

A Cosmic Connection

Laura Gallon, the brilliant mind behind the Astral Collection, is known for her deep passion for astrology and her profound belief in the guiding influence of celestial bodies. Her connection with her own ruling planet and how it shapes her life experiences motivated Laura to explore this often-overlooked facet of astrology through jewelry.

“This collection has been an intense emotional journey for me,” Laura confesses. “I have a strong connection with my ruling planet and how it guides me throughout life. The planets have a powerful influence over our zodiac signs, and I wanted to highlight this important but little-known aspect of astrology in this new collection. I love the new perspective that it presents in jewelry.”

Astral Magic at JCK Las Vegas

The Astral Collection makes its grand debut at the JCK Luxury event in Las Vegas. Visitors discovered this captivating collection on May 31 and June 1 at booth D124. The event has been a heavenly experience for jewelry connoisseurs and astrology enthusiasts.

Two Years of Celestial Craftsmanship

Creating the Astral Collection was a meticulous process that spanned two years. Laura Gallon, a 33-year-old French native now residing in Los Angeles, conceptualized and designed the collection in 2021. It wasn’t until a year later that she began collaborating with skilled artisans to bring her celestial vision to life. This timeline coincided with the release of her “Alice” jewelry collection, inspired by Art Deco aesthetics and named after her great-grandmother, who ran a jewelry store in France during the 1920s.

The dedication and thought Laura poured into crafting this collection are evident in every piece.

© LAURA GALLON, MARS | SCORPIO + ARIES PENDANT 18K Rose Gold Also available in WG/YG 24 inches chain Rubies, 1.50tcw Black Sapphires, 3.50tcw. Shot by Stéphane Gagnard.

Artistry in the Details

Each piece in the Astral Collection is handcrafted in Los Angeles using various traditional techniques. Guilloché, an 18th-century machine-turning method, was employed to create intricate patterns in the gold of each pendant. Between 53 and 97, colored gems were painstakingly set into an open-worked background, crafted using the 18th-century French technique known as À jour. This involved artisans piercing the precious metal to create pentagon-shaped openings for the gems, allowing light to pass through and enhancing their scintillation and color. It also adds exquisite detail to the back of each pendant.

Laura Gallon presented each planet in a “domed” staging to add depth and dimension to the pendants. The reverse of each pendant bears an engraved symbol of the corresponding zodiac sign for added personalization.

Capturing the French Sunshine

Maintaining her connection to her French heritage, Laura chose the radiant backdrop of the South of France to photograph the Astral Collection for a new marketing campaign. This touch of the French countryside adds a layer of elegance and charm to the celestial-inspired pieces.

Tales of the Planets

Each pendant in the collection is shaped like a disk of 18k yellow, white, or rose gold. The charm comes with a matching 24-inch chain crafted from the same material. The interior of each disk is paved with colored gemstones that represent the essence of each ruling planet. For instance, the Moon pendant, symbolizing intuition and emotional depth, is adorned with white diamonds and gray spinels that resemble the moon’s craters, reflecting the traits of those born under the Cancer sign.

In contrast, the Sun pendant radiates with 18k yellow gold and vivid yellow and orange sapphires, mirroring the bright light of the sun and the vibrant energy associated with the Leo sign.

The Uranus pendant for Aquarius comes in a choice of yellow, white, or rose gold, adorned with blue zircons and a floating white diamond ring. Each pendant masterfully captures the essence of its corresponding planet through color and design.

© LAURA GALLON, MARS | SCORPIO + ARIES PENDANT 18K Rose Gold Also available in WG/YG 24 inches chain Rubies, 1.50tcw Black Sapphires, 3.50tcw. Shot by Stéphane Gagnard.

Meaningful Presentation

The level of thought and detail in the design and craftsmanship of the Astral Collection extends to its presentation. Each necklace is elegantly packaged in a branded suede box, accompanied by a card featuring a gouaché illustration of the planet, hand-painted by a British artist. The card also provides insights into the symbolism and meaning of the planet, as well as how it influences the associated zodiac sign.

Talismans of Influence

For Laura Gallon, these pendants are exquisite jewelry pieces and powerful talismans. She believes they bring good luck to those who wear them, grounding the wearer with a sense of purpose and a reminder of the cosmic forces guiding them through life’s journey.

“Symbolism is prominent in jewelry right now,” Laura explains. “I view each pendant as a talisman that influences and drives its wearer. I feel very strongly about this. These jewels are meant to project your soul’s mission. I see them as a reminder of the person’s individuality, strength, and uniqueness.”

The Astral Collection by Laura Gallon is set to adorn its wearers with celestial beauty and connect them with the profound influence of the planets in the cosmos. It’s a fusion of art, astrology, and jewelry that promises to be as enchanting as the celestial bodies. Laura’s passion and dedication have birthed a collection that transcends adornment and symbolizes personal empowerment and cosmic guidance. It’s a divine journey you won’t want to miss, where the stars align with jewelry brilliance.


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