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Guide To The Most Desirable Luxury Gifts For A Committed Christmas

Every year, the perfect Christmas gifts are becoming more and more difficult to find. No worry, you’re still on time for your last minute gifts with luxury brands that make a difference. 

1. Bugaia Paris

Born in Paris in 2020, Bugaia has a strong family heritage and a lot of stories to tell. Romane, the founder of Bugaia, had the will to share her common passion with her dad for scents and interior design. Bugaia comes from the Arabian word “Bugaya,” a city in Algeria during the medieval era that supplied the candle makers with natural wax.
Bugaia Paris offers a selection of disruptive fragrances imagined by Romane and her dad and then handcrafted by a perfume maker from Grasse. The scents invite you to travel through the ages while being sophisticated, innovative in design, and eco-friendly.

You will understand these luxury candles do not leave you indifferent. The brand offers a range of candles, diffusers, and vaporizers for a guaranteed sensory escape.

2. Hercule Studio

Hercule Studio is THE discovery of the end of the year. The brand was launched a few weeks ago and is already a hit!
Joy, the founder of this highly coveted brand, is based in the South of France and is passionate about design, wellness, and sport. She proposes to design contemporary sports objects and allow people to practice sports with comfy and beautiful exercise mats. The objective is to motivate and give people an alternative to the previous and classic mats available in all the prominent sports shops but wasn’t doing the job. Plus, she has the ambition to offer personalized mats to restyle and revitalize the old fashion spirit of the gyms in luxury hotels, which have been neglected in terms of design and keep only their practical side.
Joy thought and conceived her products as a decorative pieces that can embellish a room with bright and pastel colors. You will have a glamorous and stylish element to take everywhere with you or use as a new piece of art to accessorize your interior. No more shame and pain while taking your old mat to the gym.
The best-seller: The Terracotta Exercise Mat, available on pre-order.

3. Around Mrs. O

This lovely and cozy knitwear brand is full of heritage and history. Committed and eco-friendly, the brand highlights exquisite fine Merino Wool and Mongolian cashmere. The brand shares its familial story and revives Odette’s travels, the grandmother of Séverine Lagrange, founder of Around Mrs. O.
Around Mrs. O transports you into the Mongolian steppes while making you discover slow fashion and quality pieces mixing craftsmanship, heritage, and travel through bold pieces.
Plus, the brand guarantees the pieces for a lifetime if well used. They offer a repair service to make them last forever and transmit your fashionable and committed garments from one generation to another.
What should you get for Christmas and wintertime? A fantastic set composed of a scarf and a beanie available in sand, gold Safran, ocean depths, lichen, and slate colors.

4. A perfect getaway at Mandarin Oriental, Milan

What could be better than a trip to the festive Milan for Christmas? A perfect weekend to immerse yourself in the festive Milanese atmosphere. At the Mandarin Oriental, Milan, you will enjoy many high-end services in a luxurious setting. The streets shine with lights, creative little markets pop up at every corner, immense Christmas trees rise in the center of the squares, and the hotel becomes the beating heart of the celebrations. Mandarin Oriental, Milan partners with Swarovski to offer its clients the most sparkling experience. 

You will enjoy the great Italian culture at all points. The artisanal Panettone is a must to try and a long-standing symbol of the holidays in Milan. The Pastry Chef Marco Pinna has carefully crafted the iconic Panettone with 48-hour sourdough, the highest quality ingredients, and an unmistakable fragrance. Don’t miss the opportunity to taste this limited-edition artisanal delight.

The Mandarin Oriental, Milan touch? From December 1st till January 10th, 2023, for every Winter Sparkles package sold, Mandarin Oriental, Milan will donate to the Swarovski Foundation projects dedicated to promoting human empowerment and preserving the environment.

5. Thalie Paris

Thalie Paris has a unique proposal. Born in 2020 and founded by Nathalie Dionne in Paris, the brand has a clear vision: Thalie is a pioneer in sustainable luxury; it expresses minimalist and eco-designed Parisian chic. This said, you need to understand more about this luxury leather goods house. Inspired by the 30s for the design of the accessories, Thalie drew its inspiration from ancient Greece, and the name actually means “The Flourishing.” In addition, it was even the nickname Nathalie’s dad gave her as a deep affection mark. 

When it comes to Thalie Paris’s aim, sustainability is the keyword. The brand promotes the art of recycling, offering carefully selected designs and materials. 

The striking touch: Thalie offers a “sushis” handbags collection crafted from the industrial recycling of salmon skins from sushi restaurants in France. The Sushi collection is made of squama leather, a marine leather developed by ICTYOS – a startup incubated at the Maison des Start-ups LVMH. Plus, the Livia bags, Cléo, and Raphalle are entirely handcrafted in France. 


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