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Explora Journeys: Redefining Luxury Ocean Travel with Mike Horn


xplora Journeys, the luxury lifestyle brand from the MSC Group, is ready to redefine the sea travel experience for discerning luxury travelers. Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, Explora Journeys is a privately-owned luxury brand that draws upon the family's 300 years of maritime heritage to create a unique "Ocean State of Mind" for its guests. With a vision to redefine luxury ocean travel for a new generation, Explora Journeys aims to connect guests with the sea, themselves, and like-minded individuals through fabulous itineraries that blend renowned destinations with lesser-traveled ports.

Last April 24th, Explora Journeys organized a unique private launch in Monaco. Guests were invited for a cocktail and dinner at the magnificent Maybourne Riviera Hotel to present their project, attended by Mike Horn. The day after, a lovely boat ride onboard Mike Horn’s sailboat was arranged to give guests an insight into the explorer’s everyday life.

Explora Journeys presented Mike Horn as their brand ambassador

What sets Explora Journeys apart is its commitment to creating transformative ocean travel experiences. The brand is launching a fleet of up to six ships, with two currently under construction, equipped with the latest environmental and marine technologies. These state-of-the-art ships will introduce a new style of ocean travel that combines luxury, sustainability, and immersive experiences.
Explora Journeys has named renowned adventurer Mike Horn its brand ambassador in an exciting announcement. Mike Horn is a world-renowned explorer, adventurer, and environmentalist with an impressive track record of expeditions to some of Earth’s most remote and challenging environments. From crossing the Arctic and Antarctic to sailing solo worldwide, Horn’s experiences have made him a respected figure in the exploration community. He is also deeply committed to environmental conservation and sustainable living, working with communities and organizations worldwide to protect the planet’s delicate ecosystems.

Explora Journeys at the Maybourne Riviera Hotel

As the brand ambassador for Explora Journeys, Mike Horn will collaborate closely with the brand’s team to develop adventure destination experiences and unique onboard enrichment programs. His vast knowledge and expertise will enhance the already unusual activities offered to guests, allowing them to explore some of the world’s most remote and pristine locations. From leading hikes in Greenland to sharing insights on goal setting and resilience, Horn’s involvement will add excitement and inspiration to the Explora Journeys experience.

Mike Horn introducing Explora Journeys Project at the Maybourne Riviera Hotel

The inaugural journey, titled “Arctic Geyser, Calving Glaciers, and Fiery Lands of Ice,” will highlight the Explora Journeys itinerary. This extraordinary journey will occur from Reykjavik to New York City from 9-25 September 2023. With Mike Horn’s guidance, guests can embark on two different hikes in remote areas of Greenland, immersing themselves in the awe-inspiring landscapes. Additionally, Horn will deliver a seminar onboard EXPLORA I, sharing his strategies for preparing for extreme expeditions and discussing the importance of resilience in everyday life.

Explora I cruise ship by MSC with Explora Journeys

Michael Ungerer, CEO of Explora Journeys, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership with Mike Horn, stating, “We are thrilled to welcome Mike Horn to the Explora Journeys family. His dedication to adventure and the environment aligns perfectly with our brand values. Together, we will create unforgettable and sustainable experiences for our discerning travelers, fostering a deep connection with nature.”
Mike Horn shared his excitement about working closely with Explora Journeys and the MSC Group’s Cruise Division, praising their sustainability initiatives and dedication to innovation. The partnership between Mike Horn, Explora Journeys, and the MSC Foundation represents a significant development in luxury ocean travel, allowing travelers to explore remote and breathtaking locations while promoting sustainability and creating lasting memories.

Mike Horn sailing boat in Monaco
Mike Horn for Explora Jouneys in Monaco

As Explora Journeys continues to redefine luxury ocean travel, the announcement of Mike Horn as brand ambassador further cements the brand’s commitment to providing extraordinary experiences in harmony with the environment. With their shared values and focus on exploration and sustainability, Explora Journeys and Mike Horn are poised to inspire a new generation of travelers to embark on transformative journeys, cultivating a deep appreciation for the world’s natural wonders.


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