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About Coveting


COVETING Magazine is a digital publication celebrating the art of living at the highest level. The webzine focuses on fashion & beauty, travel in style, the best culinary experiences, jewelry & watches, the hottest properties on the market, unmissable events, art and design inspirations, wellness, and luxury lifestyle. COVETING highlights the best of the luxury industry. The significant difference between COVETING and the other luxury lifestyle magazines is the choice to give visibility and voice to every luxury dimension. Always seeking a conscious luxury and aware of the importance of changing the luxury industry regarding sustainability issues, it was evident for COVETING to start as a 100% digital magazine. COVETING's audience is discerning, has a shared appreciation and desire for quality, exclusivity, heritage, taste, and refined design. People rely on success stories to discover ideas, places, products, people, and experiences. For that, COVETING wants to be a luxury news resource that people trust and choose to spend time with. A virtual place that makes people feel good, inspired, and motivated. COVETING Magazine is sharped to satisfy the readers and keep them continuously updated about the most exciting news from the luxury world.

COVETING Magazine has been created by two women Marielena and Victoria, whose paths crossed in the Principality of Monaco, in the heart of the French Riviera, where they are living. Inspired by the beauty surrounding them, it was impossible not to be overwhelmed by the richness in beauty, colors, glamour, and art dominating the South of France. Stimulated by the environment and driven by their shared passion for the world of luxury, they decided to create a magazine that looks like them and could highlight luxury in all different shapes and levels: from the biggest brands globally recognized to the niche luxury players, such as local artists, accommodations, and brands, not yet worldwide known but characterized by excellent quality and style.

The Founders





The fashion industry and the press world have attracted Victoria since ever. Moving from St-Barths, she studied at the famous French school EFAP Paris, where she learned the luxury and journalistic codes, immersed in the so chic city of light. Then, Victoria chose to sharpen her skills in the luxury field and went to the International University of Monaco. She graduated with a Master's degree in Luxury Brand Management with Fashion and Jewelry as a specialization. A self-confessed workaholic and detailed-oriented, Victoria loves learning and discovering new cultures, places, and people, making her unbeatable on her sector's latest trends. Since 2018, she is running a PR Agency, "My Luxury PR," working with brands worldwide, from St-Barth to Paris and Monaco.

Marielena is first a Ph.D. in chemical engineering; she studied in Naples, her hometown. Perfectionist and beauty lover, she always gives great importance to details and style as an Italian lady. Passioned by the fashion industry and interior design, she moved to Milan to collaborate with the brand Byblos. Later she became an external consultant for luxury companies, advising them on their brand strategy and style image to support them to catch the best opportunity to expand their business. From fashion and cosmetics to home design, working with haute-couture Maisons such as Christian Lacroix or Roberto Cavalli, nowadays Marielena is a luxury expert with a keen eye on the world.


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