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A Glimpse Into The Very Private Soho House Paris


oho House, the British luxury hotel club made by Nick Jonas in 1995, has just opened its doors in Paris after a long moment of intrigue and excitement. Creating a memorable arrival at the start of the highly awaited Paris Fashion Week, the location is set in a stylish 19th-century apartment building in the former red-light district of Pigalle - the home to the family of French poet and artist Jean Cocteau. A mix of traditional French design and contemporary art details, this Parisian chic location is sure not to disappoint.

A step into Soho House Paris boasts 36 magnificent bedrooms, a gym, a courtyard, a pool, a garden, and cabaret spaces with red velvet walls for its exclusive member events. Members-only of this highly coveted private club will have the chance to book a stay after being sponsored and paid the annual membership fee of 1500€. There are 112,000 members worldwide who have access to this unique club and its establishments across the world. In these charming and sleek houses, elites of vast universes such as fashion, tech, and design are welcome. Indeed, the waiting list comprised 64.000 people worldwide, whereas only 600 new members have been admitted in the last three months.

For its 31st address, the House takes inspiration from Cocteau’s mythical villa Santo Sospir, with blends of interior design work from established names such as French furniture designer Jean Royère and murals designer Roberto Ruspoli.

Soho House Paris is a dream-inspired, Parisian space of luxury and sophistication. Original and glamorous details can be found in each room, from deep green striped walls and refurbished chimneys to the Mediterranean touch discovered on the third floor. In any case, a selection of beautiful vintage finds is displayed in all rooms. Amongst these beautiful rooms, one can get lost in the full-equipped gym with a wellness spa, getting a glass of wine in the winter garden, accompanied by a carefully selected menu of French specialties, or taking a dip in the pool during summer months. Of course, one cannot forget the extravagance of the underground cabaret! A secret hiding spot for cocktail lovers who can watch film projections or private concerts on a nightly basis.

Soho House Paris opened at 20h30, last Monday, the 27th of September. Open every day, from Monday to Sunday, the House will be available for members and their guests to enjoy excellent food, relax and appreciate life’s most memorable moments in the French capital. With a smaller room capacity than other hotels, only members will be able to book rooms. 

But the story does not end here. Soho House will continue to grow, with exciting whispers stating that openings in Rome and Tel-Aviv are expected in October. 

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