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Moloko St Tropez gyoza, asian fusion restaurant

A Fusion of Asian Delights And Japanese Mixology In Saint-Tropez


oloko Group, well-known for its successful restaurants in Paris and Miami, has extended its culinary empire to the picturesque coastal town of Saint-Tropez. Nestled within the Kube Hotel, a step throw away from the old town of St Tropez, Moloko Saint-Tropez offers a captivating blend of Asian-inspired cuisine and Japanese mixology, promising an unforgettable dining experience in the South of France. Moloko Group and the Kube Hotel belong to Jadore Hospitality, including Le Café Chic in Paris, Le Basilic, iza Pigalle, Le Dépanneur, and more.

Founded in 2001 by Olivier and his wife, Julie Demarle, Jadore Hospitality Group is a key player in French and international hospitality and festive gastronomy. With over 20 years of experience, Jadore Hospitality is a family business where passion is the master word. The group owns and operates a dozen restaurants, bars, and nightclubs from Paris to Miami and St-Tropez.

Moloko St Tropez fusion restaurant,
Moloko St Tropez. © Salomé Rateau.

A Culinary Journey of Global Influences
Moloko’s culinary philosophy is rooted in traditional East-Asian cooking techniques while embracing diverse inspirations worldwide. Each dish is a harmonious fusion of flavors, showcasing Moloko’s unique culinary identity. One of the restaurant’s signature dishes, the Salmon Carpaccio, showcases the precision of “Nama” and “Niru” cutting and simmering methods. Another standout creation is the revisited Beef Tacos, crafted with Ageru-fried dumpling paste, succulent Kobe Wagyu beef, and earthy shiitake mushrooms.

Moloko St Tropez plateau de sushis
Moloko St Tropez. © Salomé Rateau.

A Japanese Izakaya Experience
Moloko Saint-Tropez goes beyond just a dining destination; it presents a modern interpretation of Japanese Izakayas. The restaurant focuses as much on its culinary offerings as on its innovative drink selections. A meticulously crafted cocktail menu complements the extensive collection of wines and sakés. Inspired by 20th-century Japanese cocktail-making techniques and tools, Moloko’s mixologists create amazingly balanced combinations of cocktails like shiso and elder or yuzu citrus and aloe vera.

Moloko St Tropez, asian fusion restaurant, drinks and cocktail offer

A place of many facets
True to its vision, Moloko Saint-Tropez is not a simple restaurant but offers a rich and immersive experience. The place has a variety of separate spaces, including an intimate sushi counter serving omakase-style creations and a breathtaking rooftop bar. Designed by Jadore Design Studio, Moloko’s design perfectly blends elements from 70s American architecture with minimalist Japanese textures and palettes. The handcrafted outside sofas and tables, made from natural wood, bamboo, and organic textiles, create an inviting ambiance. The addition of a vast wooden terrace spanning over 400 square meters highlights the hotel’s stunning view over Saint-Tropez’s Bay.

Cultural Programming and Entertainment
Reflecting its cultural commitment, Moloko is used to hosting events at creative gatherings like Miami Art Basel and Paris Fashion Week. Although it is not a festive establishment, Moloko Saint-Tropez offers a cozy atmosphere with carefully selected DJs from all over Europe. Additionally, the restaurant will offer casual events with renowned artists and a bimonthly brunch, enhancing the overall experience for guests.

Moloko Saint-Tropez is evidence of the fusion of culinary art and the charming and captivating atmosphere. With its Asian-inspired cuisine, Japanese mixology, and carefully selected spaces, the restaurant offers an overall experience for gastronomy lovers and cultural connoisseurs. Whether enjoying exquisite dishes or tasting creative cocktails, guests will be immersed in the bustling atmosphere of Moloko Saint-Tropez, where East meets West, and tradition blends with innovation on the beautiful shores of the French Riviera.


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