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A Fresh Jewelry Style Brand Inspired By The Beauty Of Provence


recently discovered a new jewelry brand based in the Principality of Monaco. But I have to say two things: first, I am pretty specific with jewels, and then, there are so many jewelry brands that came out every day that I usually don't pay attention to, but AliaSapfira caught my attention for precise reasons. So let's have a look at them.

“I think that each gemstone is unique and has distinct power.”

Valerya Merkouchenko, the founder of AliaSapfira, is a talented Ukrainian young woman who studied as a gemologist, enthusiastic about every natural stone. Before being a jewelry designer, she was a skilled gem expert who loved to share her knowledge to educate people about natural stones. Since last summer, she has highlighted the beauty of rocks when inserting them into charming pieces.

Valerya explained that she studied gemstones profoundly when preparing for her gemologist degree, discovering the universe of gems and how special it is. She found a fascinating world, following the whole adventures of the rocks, from the extraction of rough stones in the deeper of the earth to the beautiful cut of gemstone. She loves to believe that gems become an incentive for a designer to create a masterpiece after this production process. 

©Valerya Mercouchenko. @AliaSapfira
© Lavender field in Valensole. @AliaSapfira

Therefore, the jewelry-making process is very long and complex; connecting with the selected stones is crucial. 

Indeed, to Valerya, stones have significant meaning and power: 

” I think that each gemstone is unique and has distinct power. For example, not everyone can bear the Ruby; it is an unusual and emotionally challenging stone. But, very often, it can be adopted by people with strong personalities. For others, it could be a gem that takes their energy away; these individuals will probably pick an Emerald as a talisman that will better fit their tempers, with very calm attitudes, measured, and pure souls.”

 Moreover, as we used to say, Diamonds are girls’ best friends, but Valerya revealed why this startling stone is her beloved. 

 This stone is formed under high pressure and high temperature, made of carbon atoms. Consequently, it suggests a story of a flourishing spirit when all the barriers and toughness of your life make you only more powerful.

© AliaSapfira. Rainbow rings collection.

The founder of AliaSapfira has been a creative person since her youngest age. She was a professional ballroom dancer. At any time, she was surrounded by great creative personalities who emerged from the art & fashion world. Valerya always loved to create and draw, no matter the topic, so it was natural for her to imagine all the pieces by herself. She relishes doing all the sketches using gauche or extra artistic tools. Besides, she has learned to appreciate the beauty around her. 


After traveling the world and speaking fluently up to 5 languages, Valerya finds her place in the very international scene of Monaco, where she also met her husband and elected Monte-Carlo as her new hometown. But this is by chance that Valerya finally settled in Monaco. Indeed, animated by the beauty of the South-of-France and willing to work closely with local artisansmasters of high-quality craftsmanship, Valerya decided to set up her jewelry brand AliaSapfira in the heart of the French Riviera. Moreover, it was essential for her to preserve the French heritage of the art of jewelry. That’s why all her creations are “Made in France.” 

Regarding the brand’s name, Valerya said she used Sapfira as a nickname on social media, and people knew her under this identity, so it has been obvious for her to call the jewelry brand AliaSapfira. 

Concerning Aliasapfira’s mission, she craves to deliver people the beauty and uniqueness of gemstones. AliaSapfira aspires to offer people not merely jewelry but also introduce them to the divine world of gemstones. So it’s not just about standing or notoriety; it’s about rareness, beauty, and sensitivity. 

Moreover, AliaSapfira strives to be sustainable and balanced in jewelry production. She is working with suppliers that respect proper practices and ethical standards.

It is challenging, but as Valerya said, “We live in the 21st century. I guess every luxury brand has to perform in this direction”.


Lastly, Valerya aims to continue with the idea of educating her customers and gem lovers, discovering more beautiful gems, and launching a new collection that she has been working on for some time that won’t leave anyone indifferent.


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